North East Indian Dishes

FOOD OF ARUNACHAL PRADESH: An Approach TO SOMEONE’S HEART North East Indian Dishes which is most popular all over the world. Like other northeastern territories of India, Arunachal Pradesh’s customs, culture, and food are one of the fundamental focal points of Indian the travel industry. Food shapes a fundamental and essential piece of the way … Read more

Bisi Bele Bhath

Bisi bele bhath is one of the famous recipes of the cuisine of Udipi from the state of Karnataka, India. The name bisi bele bhath trans for β€œHot lentil rice” in the Kannada language. They used to say it by another name Bisi bele huliyanna, which means β€œHot Lentil Sour Rice”. The basic preparation of … Read more

Roti Pizza

Roti pizza, by seeing the name of the recipe as roti pizza, you can think like – what is this? whether he is fooling us? and is it possible to make a pizza with roti?. Here is the answer to all your questions, roti pizza is the homemade pizza by using leftover roties / chapattis. … Read more